Why was the Fury F.C. started? The founding parents were searching for the best competitive soccer experience for their kids, and had the following criteria:

  • Coaches that teach all aspects of the game (positions, skills, teamwork, etc.)
  • Players that wanted to learn the game, not just parents who wanted it for them
  • Cost to be reasonable; to not be taken advantage of or pay someone’s salary
  • Family/community atmosphere so everyone felt included and respected
  • Acceptance of family suggestions and assistance

The parents had a difficult time finding a club that met their criteria, so they researched the possibility of starting their own club team. This is when the Fury F.C. began…

The mission of the Fury F.C. is to provide a soccer organization committed to promoting a superior soccer experience for its dedicated players, parents, and coaches by developing individual skills, fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the best technical training and playing environment necessary to reach the highest possible level of play, while perpetuating the growth of soccer in our community.

Unleash the Fury!